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    Distressing Video Captures EXACTLY How Cops Treat Black People

    I had to reblog this again because it just reduced me to tears. 

    As most of you know, I am an attorney. And I am an attorney licensed in Minnesota. This is the state where I took an oath last year to uphold state and federal laws and to protect the rights of the citizens.

    It PAINS me to see this. To see these unjust cops who I for all intents & purposes, have to stand along side. When they are abusing EVERY SINGLE OUNCE of POWER. Minneapolis/St. Paul have BEEN a war zone. I’m ashamed. I’m embarrassed.

    Not all officers are bad. Please don’t let that be the take away. But police brutality is VERY FUCKING REAL. 

    Watch this. If this doesn’t move you, if this doesn’t make you cry out in agony and want to change the world, I don’t know what will.

    [trigger warning]

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    If you new blacks don’t listen to what jessehimself is tryna say right about now. 

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    wink ;)

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    We’re not people really.  Our concerns are not America’s concerns.  We are just here for entertainment. We’re a convenient treasure trove of limitless creativity to be pillaged, watered down, and re-purposed for White audiences and the people getting rich from bastardized stereotypes and simplified caricatures of everything we bring to the table have nothing to say when shit gets really real.

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